How has rob answered so many questions yet not asked one himself?

This guy is so amazing. With all of the Intellgient answers he gives and how many he does. Yet he hasnt asked for one things from the rest of us. Why is that?
As always I Will answer 10 questions including whoever answers this. Should there not be enough I will answer random peoples questions.

Put bird behavior for subject cause robs avatar is parrot. Sorry if its misleading.
Asked Feb 20, 2014
Thanks for asking Phoenix22.

I'm an old guy that's been around a long time and just didn't have many questions to ask.

I haven't been on Ehelp for a while. I went back to writing books for Amazon an ran out of time. I've written ten since last October. Here's a list if you're interested:
Answered Apr 30, 2014
Cool. Are you a writer
rcr12 May 01, 2014
Rob... Your awesome That beard just adds more to it
IKR!!!! Idk why... But yeah ask him!
Answered Feb 21, 2014
How do I do that?
Just comment on one of his answers
who knows...maybe hes just a guy who never has questions
Answered Feb 21, 2014
I guess he just likes to help people and doesn't have anything to ask like Lesalltheway said.
Answered Mar 19, 2014
Maybe he has a different account and uses that one for asking questions
Answered Apr 08, 2014
just amazing
Answered Feb 05, 2015
Because he's just got it like that. With age comes wisdom and he wants to pass along his wisdom to others. I myself try to answer questions in an intelligent well thought out manner. Difficult sometimes because my life is like a soap opera LOL 😁. Check out some of my questions and you'll see I'm not lying. Take pride in your praise of Rob most people nowadays don't know how to show appreciation anymore. Now I sound like one of those grumpy old farts sitting on their front porch complaining about how kids these days don't know what respect is LOL 😁. But I digress, he's just a kind wise man who wants to help others, just that simple.
Answered Feb 05, 2015
Let's not turn this into social media
Answered Jun 26, 2014

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