Is this a good storyline for a science fiction novel?

Saw another umm.. While I guess we can call each other ehelpers. Anyway I saw another ehelper post question asking about a story line for there book. I was hoping you guys could give me your HONEST opinions on my science fiction book.

The book would be called the Lords perils. (let me know if you have a better name)

Phoenix is the prince of the Arlon republic. A democratic monarchy of a far spanning republic who inhabit half an arm of the galaxy. made of 7 different species of humanoid avians. This book would deal with the challenges of the Arlon republic through the eyes of Phoenix one of the 7 princes of the republic and a man dedicated to science,exploration and his people. It would also be mentioned what became of the human race.

Please give me honest opinions. If you think its gona suck say its gona suck. If you think it will be good say it will be good.

Also as always 10 questions shall be answered including the people who answer the question.

(Note this is my third time attempt to write a book and ive actually gotten more then a chapter written down this time.)
Asked Feb 19, 2014
Edited Feb 19, 2014
OMG!! That sounds great, and I'm not into sci-fi, but I'd give it a shot! :) I just started a story, too!!!!
Answered Feb 20, 2014
Post a question about it if you feel comfortable about sharing your ideas. Would love to hear what its about.
AWESOME!! I think it sounds great, and I would read it, considering I only read sci-fi and manga...thanks for answering my q, and good luck with the further development of your book
Answered Feb 20, 2014
thank you
There is no "Good" storyline for Sci-Fi, It's more about being invested into the story you are creating, if you can get embroiled in the universe, really put yourself into it, then Yes, it's a good Storyline, if there is no universe to get embroiled into then No. It's all about the writers talent. Sounds good so far, Names are thought of and written down, good luck.
Answered Mar 10, 2014
I like the concept that it takes place in the future where the human race is no longer existent. However, I honestly feel that the story line is lacking a little but. Then again, I'm not particularly a sci-fi fan but I love Star Trek! :) But I must ask..what's a humanoid? Is it like the character, Data, in the new generation of star trek?
Answered Mar 10, 2014
Thanks for the Advice. Also Humanity will still be present but events will have happened. A Humanoid in my opinion is an Alien that stands on 2 legs and shows human features. Example. Avian alien could imply that it looks like an actual bird but with alien characteristic Humanoid Avian alien implies it stands on 2 legs and has the same posture as a human.

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