Meeting someone in person for the first time?

I'm meeting this guy in person for the first time! I've been putting it off for a month now because I couldn't get time off work on weekends and finally the time has come!

At first I thought "work" was the reason I couldn't make it but somehow deep inside I feel like it's my fear that's stopping me! We've know each other for over a year but not constant communication until just over the past month we started being more interested, communicating, skype etc (kinda a big deal for me, It took forever for me to give out even my fb and number!)

He is three years older than me and I'm not sure if that's going to be a problem. We both live in a different state, so I feel like its a big deal flying over to meet someone but I'm finally doing it!

I'm starting to feel really nervous, and anxiety is starting to eat me up! I'm starting to have all these "what if" thoughts and they very are unpleasant but can't help it ):

Sorry if this is long! But any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated! Or sharing your own personal experience would be good too!
Asked Feb 19, 2014
Only meet in public places and refuse to go anywhere where people can't see you.
(Keys can be used as weapons and aim for the balls if he tries anything)
Answered Feb 19, 2014

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