Are Siberian Huskies a good breed of dog for a young couple?

I am a young woman who is fresh out of college and I have been thinking about getting a Siberian Husky. I have already been researching and I believe that it would be a good fit. However I own a 2 year old cat and live in a medium sized apartment. I am planning on moving to a larger place later this year and with my current schedule I have the free time devoted to training a dog. I am just afraid of the husky harming the cat. I have heard that they are hard to train which worries me, because I do not want the dog to get into trouble around my neighborhood. I just want to know if getting a husky is a bad idea even though I am willing to put in the time and effort for training and exercising.
Asked Feb 18, 2014
What u do is get a puppy dog of that breed and let the cat "beat him up" which is just like telling him to mot mess with him/her and if u seeing them play ruff let them and I stick with small breeds but I do have some experience with large dogs and I say a boxer is the best yes there very hyper but they love all animals and they will protect ur house and they are easy to train trust me and also stick with one gender of animals like if ur cats a male get a male dog and if he cat a female then get a female dog it works out a lot better and if u need any help trying to train the dog just leave a comment here and ill see what I can do again I think a boxer is best there not as big as a husky and they are easier then a husky
Answered Feb 18, 2014

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