She likes me, she likes me not?

So, there was this incident where a lady asked the girl I like if I am her boyfriend. She just kept her silence and smiled back.

What does it indicate? Should I proceed to test if she has feelings for me or it indicates nothing?

Each time I said I would take her out to dinner, she would just smiled and keep quiet as well. Though she had agreed to it.
She is always talking to a few classmate and would laugh with them and all, but she does not do all this with me even though we are close as well. She is the type who would be quiet unless you start talking with her. She is always speaking very softly in my presence too. I could make out what she was telling the others even though we are at opposite end of the class, but there are times when she is talking to me while walking beside me, I could not hear clearly what was she speaking.

There were few occasions where our eyes cross path, while I wanted to look at her, she was looking in my direction, but we do not hold the gaze.

What are the signs I should look out for to know if she is interested?
Asked Feb 18, 2014
I think she likes you, but please know that the shy ones take time. You seem Ernest so I will tell you this, the quit shy girls and boys are the ones that take he most to crack, but be careful they are delicate, but if you get yourself a shy girl they are the best friends, lovers, and people. It just takes a little while to earn their trust. compliments at random times never hurt, then maybe some harmless flirting. Pay attention to her when you talk, does she look at you then down a lot? Do her cheeks get red? These are good signs. And eventually if you do things right, you will notice there is a spark of curiosity in her eyes while she is with you, look for this especially as this means she is warming up to you. Compliment her until she is stuttering and blushing, then slip a "would you go on a date with me" in there, and she should melt like butter. Good luck! Hope this helped! Sources: I'm a shy one too.
Answered Feb 18, 2014
Thank you. Appreciate your help and advise. I will try my best to work it out. Reason being I have a slightly hard time talking much to the extend that she would laugh all the time. You know the usual guys stuff. But I'll try my best to get her to open up more.

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