I don't know what's happening with my school work

Hey so I have always struggled in school since I was little but I never got horrible grades. I've always had As Bs and occasionally Cs. It was always hard for me but I always worked hard and made it through. Recently that has not been the case. I have been struggling and not doing homework. I'm failing tests and not even caring about it! I don't understand what happened at the beginning of the school year I had a 99% in a class I now have a 65% in. I want to do well, but I'm just not working hard enough. This is becoming a problem because I my mom says if I don't bring up my grades she will put me in a different and smaller high school where I will have to make friends again which is going to be hard considering that it took me 2.5 years just to make the few friends I have now. If you have any tips on giving me motivation to work harder or possibly a solution as to why I'm acting like this please let me know. I really in my heart want to do well in school and it's disappointing me that I am letting this year slip so easily.
Thank you
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Asked Feb 17, 2014
PAY ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!!! It will help you understand it more. STUDY!!!!! If you have that big test tomorrow,study! Put effort into studying by putting out healthy snacks as "brain food". Just make studying fun so you won't fall asleep. DO HOMEWORK!!!!!! Even though you might want to go on your computer,do your homework. Ask your parents to hide all of your electronics when you are doing your homework. It might help. Just make it fun by maybe getting a bright neon pencil,a new light up pen,etc. Make sure it doesn't distract you though. DISIPLINE!!!!!! Tell your parents when you don't do your homework/get bad grades and make them not let you go on electronics. You could also do that by yourself,but make sure you don't let it slide. THINK ABOUT IT!!!!! If you keep getting bad grades,you will have to make new friends,ditch your old ones,be at a brand new school,make a bad college,etc. If you listen and pay attention,you will get better grades.
Answered Feb 17, 2014
Edited Feb 17, 2014

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