Um,hello my question is I like to go on and I have a problem? please help me!

My mother just started going on and the one day I asked my mom if I can use it and I like to collect (Barbie Doll's) from the year's of 1980's and 1990's and went I found two doll's that I liked I bid for them but there was one other one that I some what liked but I didn't even want it at first but I went a head any way I won the two doll's but not the other one and sigh it was my first time I got really upset about I mean I cryed over that doll so I contacted the seller of that doll and I ask things like this.(would you be able to contact the winner of that doll can we can work something out) but no I guess you can't do that kind of stuff on ebay but I really didn't keep at her like intagineyes her about I would think but she did help and said it's not the only one there more of them on ebay and she even give me the name of the doll which was nice of her to do for me but I have a problem so I keep it up and in lot of the messages I said I'm sorry,please don't be mad at me,I didn't want hurt your feels.And now I'm block not just from her but eBay to.
Asked Feb 16, 2014
Send an apology message to e-bay people and request them to unblock the site for you.
Answered Feb 16, 2014
Oh,I thank you very much for helping in a way but the other problem is how do I send a apology message or should I call eBay.
Search for there call center numbers.

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