I want to find an anime but dont remember its name.

the anime is about this little guy who starts to be afriad of ghost but then he meets a guy who is friends with a ghost that gives him skills in fight
Asked Feb 14, 2014
Edited Feb 14, 2014
OMG IS IT BLEACH I love this anime lol...to bad it ended
Answered Feb 14, 2014
i need to find an anime, but I don't remember the name of mine either. It's not very well-known. I know it has "No" in the title, three words, "No" is the second one.
It goes like, this guy's parents died when he was a baby and he had some power from a scroll or something in him that made him lose his conscience and he basically turned evil as the words on the scroll were suddenly on him, meanwhile he could see a spirit in his head and it talks to him, and he wants to know about his mom? This is driving me crazy guys I gotta know.
Answered Jan 10, 2018
I don't remember this name of an anime. It's about a big and girl who go thru high school together. And at the very end they get together and have a baby. During child birth the mom dies. And after awhile the dad gives the baby to the moms grandparents because the baby and mom look exactly alike. But in the end he gets his kid back
Answered Jul 17, 2018

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