Should teachers tell kids to shut up and shut there traps?

I'm in 5th grade and my teacher told us today to shut our traps, and he also said that if we talk one more time than he would make us stand outside for the rest of class. He also tells us to shut up. I told my hometown teacher, and she said that she was gonna talk to him, but what should I do if he doesn't stop?
Asked Feb 11, 2014
God he sounds harsh he should tell you politely to be quiet not shut up that's rude :/
Answered Feb 11, 2014
He should stop, they will probably fire him if he doesn't. I used to have a bus driver who would yell at us, he was really racist and was very involved with politics. He would try to force his beliefs onto us and when I told someone he got fired. You might feel bad if they do fire him cause you probably will think its your fault but teachers cant treat students like that.
Answered Feb 11, 2014
If u lived in the uk he would be fired straight away lol

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