Please help me if your an adult could you please answer these questions its for my class

middle-aged(45-65) only
please answer and state your age please and thank you

1) How is life most similar being a teen in your day as compared with life for teenagers today?
2) How is life most different being a teen in your day as compared with life for teenager today?
3) Would you like to trade places with teenagers today? Why or why not?
4) If you could offer one piece of advise for a teenager, what would it be?
5) Are/were you married? Any advice you would give to those that want to get married or newlyweds?
6) What has been your best accomplishment?
7) What is your best memory?
8) What is your biggest goal you would like to accomplish within the next five years?
9) What’s the best decision you ever made?
10) What are some things that make you really happy?

It would mean a lot if you took the time and answered them! thank you for your time!!!
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Feb 10, 2014
1,well I would say the decline of personal pride. .2. back when I was young there was not this overpowering feeling you had to screw every girl .today I don't see the pride in kids both girls and guys look at the stuff they wear,you see bra straps,underwear,who wants to see this..back then girl would say im a vergin, and u respected take 100 girls how many are ? your all going 100 miles an hour racing to or for what ! it will be there..4. be your self don't follow the ass hole think about whats ahead 5.this is a real hard subject for me I was engaged 4 times because the girl changed when I put the ring on her finger,you must look into what will it be like with this girl for the rest of my life!!!you marry her not the family ....6.i had 2 daughters they're in their fortys now I love them and they love me.....but the best is I waited and married my wife 48 years and still love her...7.when my daughter was born in a snow storm at the hosp. 8.stay alive its not offered to us you must fight and scratch out a future for yourself have an occupation something that is yours long before marriage money is very important in relationship 9.marrying my wife 10.hobbies I like to work with my hands,love wood,painting,drawing,airbrush,guns,my cat,
Answered Oct 27, 2014

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