Should I ask him out? (Will answer a question if you answer mine)

So there's this guy I really like. We have been friends for our whole life and were pretty close. During the summer we hang out a lot but for the rest of the year we don't see each other that much (not our choice). Hes not the cutest guy ever but I feel really comfortable around him. If you don't count looks hes the perfect boyfriend, hes really funny, really nice and can actually talk to me without looking at my chest. I really want to ask him out but I'm afraid it might ruin our friend ship. We would hang out a lot during the summer but what would happen the rest of the year? And he doesn't have a phone so it would be hard to communicate. He has tried to kiss me two years ago but I didn't think of him like that then. I hope now is not to late. I really like him but theirs are so many problems with us going out. I just want somebody opinion.
Asked Feb 09, 2014
I think you should go for it :)
Answered Feb 09, 2014
Thanks! I probably will next time I see him
go for it, and confirm your feelings, and its alright havin weird scheduels, not everyone in the world has perfect ones. Hang together when you do have time together. good luck XD hope it works out
Answered Feb 11, 2014
I believe you should date. Maybe if you are dating you would be more determined to see each other throughout the rest of the year.
Answered Feb 10, 2014
We try but it's not our choice. Both our parents are divorced so we both have odd schedule and they only time were actually at the same place at the same time is in the summer. We tried to change it but we couldn't.
but thanks anyways
you should go for it ive been with a girl for 9 months now and its honestly been the best of my life. go for it!!!!
Answered Feb 11, 2014

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