I moved 150 miles from my sister and miss her so much.

I need help! So I moved 150 miles from my sister and I miss her. This is long so get ready: So I got a really and I mean REALLY good job but it is 150 miles from where my sister is. It is so sad! I sang a song to her That went like this: Haliey there is something I need to tell you I got a job 150 miles away from you I tried to get you accepted but they won't accept you they won't accept anything (I know it sound like a bad song but since I have a British accent it made the song way better) I did end up moving but I miss my sister so much! I asked everybody I knew and they all said move back or have your sister move where you are if was desperate so I can here please help! I've tried things but nothing works I've tried emailing/texting her everyday but I don't feal right still I tried very hard to get here to move where I am I tried to move back but I can't and my sister can't eather I have tried getting new friends but no! Help please help me! I am desperate help!
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Asked Feb 09, 2014

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