What is my crush trying to do? ( if you answer mine I'll gladly answer yours!)

Okay I don't want to write a long story or anything cause to be honest there is so many details and I feel like I should say all of them but there's just so much so I'll just tell you the main things you need to know to answer. Okay well I like this guy and he is I'm 11th grade and Im in 9th and he completlty acts like he likes me. He is always staring at me when I'm looking, and when I'm not looking. He always come down my hallway and goes by my locker even tho his hallway is far away from mine. Whenever he sees me he acts all macho and stands tall and etc. His friend smirks at me and stares also. And when he sees me talking to a guy he gets all mad and gives the guy shitty looks. But okay my school goes from grade 7 all the way to grade 12 all in the same school ( idk why it's weird) but last year when he was in 10th and I was in 8th he still did the same thing and acted like he complety liked me and etc. But he went to semi with a different girl. But btw last year I wasn't able to go to semi yet cause I wasn't in nineth. He hurt my feelings he did this and I gave him signals to let him know I am mad and don't want to see his stupid ass and I know damn well he got the message but he still comes down my hallway anyways and still brushes me with his shoulder and walks close to me and walks by extra slowly so I can see him. He still goes by my locker 2-3 times a day when he has no reason to and he still stares at me and makes REALLY long eye contact with me and when he does he has his mouth opened ( I noticed he does it sometimes and I find it weird) also he still does it to this day! He also acts so freaking weird when he goes by! He cracks his knuckles a lot when he sees me which I find odd and he messes with his hair after he passes and he stands up pretty tall and fiddles with his hands or if he sees I'm walking past him instead of standing at my locker then he will put his hands in his pockets or on his belt and gets all weird! We have never talked but used to be neighbors! My question is: is he playing me? Or does he like me and just went to semi with a different girl cause I wasn't in highschool yet and he didn't want to go alone? I'm so confused pleas help! I mean he knows it hurt me and he knows I don't wanna see him but he doesn't listen and still goes by me and crap 24/7! When he could be spending time with her he decides he should come down my hallway and bother me! I do like him I'm just confused! I don't wanna act like I like him unless I know it's okay to cause I don't wanna seem stupid! Any theory or answer will help but I need details! HELP! Thanks! :)
Asked Feb 08, 2014
Edited Feb 09, 2014
Well you could ask him whats going on and why he is acting so weird. Maybe you can figure out if he likes you by his answer. I don't particulary know how guys think but you can ask him why he acts so weird around you, don't act so intrested in him just ask him alot of questions. Hope this helps alittle. Good luck!
Answered Feb 09, 2014
Well it seems like he's a real tease. If he does this to other girls it means he just likes to flirt, but if he only does it with you maybe he does like you. Its kinda hard to tell if someone likes you, but he seems like he's trying to impress you.
Answered Feb 09, 2014
In my opinion you should talk with him about. These are things I do with my crush it means he is really desperate for attention. It is your choice however. You may not like him after what he did to you.

Also my school does that to. Do you live in Ontario?
Answered Feb 10, 2014
Thank you for the advice! :) and is this a good thing that he is tryin to get my attention? And no I live in Indiana but I thought my school was the only school that did that! Lol so that's why I like a guy older then me lol
Lol. Alright. Also yes it is a good thing he is trying to get your attention. It means he wants to be noticed by you.
i agrees ith all the things people said up above! and I hope it all works out in the end!
Answered Mar 13, 2014

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