Would you say I am shy,anti social or something else?

when in public I am quiet and withdrawn never really wanting to speak and I am paranoid about peoples opinion of me*knowing that they dislike me*.i only have a few people I trust one being my bff who is more shy than I am cause she is homeschooled*has been since she was 10 and I am a childhood friend of hers*but I don't trust my school friends*i only have like 2 friends I trust there I can tell anything*but when it comes to other people.i just don't trust them and I am annoyed when they approach me I don't trust them at all.nor will I talk to them I don't have a desire to even look at them they piss me off
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Asked Feb 05, 2014
First off, I'm 12 years old and I'm homeschooled.
Thing is, your not shy. If you let people into your life more maybe you'll open up a whole lot.
I get what your feeling, though. I used to be like that, but once I let more people in, my life got instantly better.

And the people you shut out just cuz you were being shallow will think bad thoughts of you and then people will start to think your weird or lonely or worse, a snob.

You sound like you want some good friend's and a boost in the self confidence and being in the spotlight.
When you say "piss me off" you actually mean, I WANT them to come over and I WANT to be friends with those people.
And drop those trust issuses girl.
No one's gonna friend you with that.
Excuse me if I sound blunt but I'm being real also.

Get a grip and make some friends, take your friend along too and brighten her up.

You don't even have to be like that.
Answered Oct 17, 2014
What stuff with was that you were hung up with what others thought of you. That is shyness exactly, a kind of stress you get around people you don't know or don't know what they think of you.

If you were antisocial you just wouldn't care what they thought. Or wouldn't think very much about them period unless they were bothering you or distracting you.

Part of the problem is that American Society teaches us we are all supposed to be out going extroverts that mingle with other people easily. Reality is just not that way for most of humanity, I think what you are experiencing isn't too unnatural if you are in an unfamiliar environment and it's what you've seen on TV that has you expecting something different.

A lot of people also just tend to have a few close friends instead of being the social butterfly. Honestly those butterfly types tend to disappear as you get older anyway.
Answered May 04, 2015
I have similar problems and my doctor diagnosed me with Social Anxiety Disorder, maybe you could talk to someone about it?
Answered May 04, 2015

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