Any places I can ask questions and get answers cause no one answers me on here

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Anonymous User
Asked Feb 03, 2014
I will answer any questions you may have, what do you need help with?
This is the best web site I could find. People don't always respond but usually that's cause they don't know.
Answered Feb 03, 2014
Edited Feb 03, 2014
that is very true, sometimes I don't respond not because I don't want to answer people's questions but I don't know the answer
Yeah that's true but if u wait a day or two, you'll most likely have at least one answer on all of your questions. That's what happened to me except only one questions is still unanswered after 12 hours of so yeah just be patient :)
I've asked probably about 5 questions and have been checking back like every 2-5 minutes for over 3 hours now!!! And still 0 answers!!! :(
This website isn't the most "quick responding" but it's the best I could find.
Answered Mar 22, 2014
what ur qustion
Answered Mar 22, 2014
The only other one I know of is yahoo answers, but sometimes it takes time, and a lot of times other ones appear and yours goes to the bottom of the list. U can keep updating your question though and it'll keep going to the top of the list. And u can answer other questions kind of like yours and ask if they can answer your own question. And also, if u used your user name instead of asking anonymously people could go on ur profile and see what other questions u have. Trust me, I know how it feels.
Answered Mar 24, 2014
Edited Mar 24, 2014
I am actually very happy with eHelp, but yeah like Fireruby said there's Yahoo Answers, but it requires your birthdate, phone number, gender, so it's not nearly as anonymous as eHelp, plus they're waaaay stricter, I got suspended, and that's why I'm here with eHelp. Although you do get answers way faster there, because it's more popular. I don't know any other websites where you can ask questions for free, and remember that there are lots, and I mean LOTS of questions on here that haven't been answered (and probably never will be), so don't feel like you're the only one. Hope I helped :) good luck
Answered Mar 24, 2014
Google or download the app for experience project it's an amazing app and people respond hella quick to just about anything it's great and I love it!! Hope this helps ya out(:
Answered Apr 30, 2014
Edited Apr 30, 2014

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