Can anyone please help me?

Hi! Okay well of course I am having guy problems. What my problem is there is this guy who is two years older then me and he completely acted like he liked me. But then he asked another girl to semi. It completlty broke my heart. But I found out they aren't even going out and they don't talk that much. Okay so I figured sense he asked her he wouldn't act like he liked me anymore. The complete opposite happened. Okay so what he does is sense his locker is no where NEAR mine and neither is my hallway he still comes down my hallway and went by my locker everyday a couple of times. And every time I look at him he is always already looking. When I look he either looks away fast or holds eye contact for a long time. And whenever he goes by me he always walks by really close and almost brushes my shoulder. He always stares at me and his friend hints at me too. Like when I look his friend watches me too. But the thing is he knew that he hurt my feelings thanks to my friends :/ cause they gave him dirty looks for it and I think he got the hint. But instead of staying away he legit keeps ending up wherever I am. Like I walk around in the morning before class and I always run into him and he acts really weird too like plays with his hair and fiddles with his hand and stands real tall. Etc. But my question is what is he doing? What does it mean? Like even tho he went to semi with this girl he still acts like he likes me? And it's funny cause when he could be with her he is over in my hallway going by me and walking wherever I go it's almost like he was following me lol. But what is his intentions and why is he acting this way? He is just too confusing lol guys help would be best appreciated but girls who have a lot of expreinces or just a good theory about this is also much appreciated!!! :) thank you for your help and a lot of details on what you think he is going and what you think I should do about it! :) btw, we haven't talked before but used to be neighbors! Lol
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Asked Feb 02, 2014

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