Does my old principal still have a thing for me?

It's abt my old assistant principal Mr. Roberson. he has liked me every since I was in High school.. I wrote him I just told him how I've had a crush on him and basically I wanted to get that off my chest and that he a very attractive man that's it. He be flirting with me and stuff Just like when I came to My old high school yesterday.. I was in the main office I seen him staring at me from the guidance office I stopped looking please tell me how he oh so happened to make his way in the office and came right up front and started talking to me. Asking me questions, talking to Collins (my daughter). Asking me if I still go with Josh (my ex) etc; smiling and shit So soon after I was abt to go and he heard me please tell me why he oh so happened to get ready to leave the office the same time I did.? I was in the lil main hallway talking to Damon (my lil bro) he was right by me talking to a teacher. As I was heading towards out the door he sped up to walk behind me then as I got out the doors he was talking to me girl he was at least shoulder length beside me.. Pretty close. I came off on him cause I know he won't say anything to me. As a woman I wrote him! I mean like no bullshit. He flirts with me. Even when I was in high school. If this man seen me all the way across the room he would walk over there and talk to me. He don't do other students like that. He always have to find a way to be near me. A girl can tell if a guy likes them or not. And after all these years if I didn't think he liked me I wouldn't have to courage to email him. Does it seem like he may like me? Or am I over doing it?
Asked Feb 01, 2014

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