Need help remembering a movie

i don't remember the plot at all or even if it was a movie (maybe it was an episode of some show, or a scene in a book that I imagined pretty vividly.) there was this shady sort of dude, and he meets a bunch of people and he tells them his story (rich parents, neglected as a child/ dead parents, I don't really remember). anyway he's super rich ends up inviting these people to like a country house for a golf weekend? there's a couple (dating/married) in the group and I think our main dude was interested in the girl. then I remember there's a scene where he fakes a suicide attempt over the phone, and his guests rush over to help? I'm sorry this isnt a lot to go on, but that's kind of all I remember.
Asked Jan 31, 2014
Could it be an episode in friends where chandler puts on an old school website that Ross was dead, and a girl Ross liked in high school came to Monica's apartment to say she was sorry that he died
He didn't really die, chandler made it up cus Ross put that chandler was gay
Answered Feb 02, 2014

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