If i'm 250 pounds can I get a belly button ring?

I am 250 pounds but I only look 200. and I am self-conscious, but I really want a belly button ring :/ How to ask my parents for one? Will it hurt? I have my cartilage done already, does it feel like a really hard pinch? I don't have any creases or folds in my stomach, and am 16, My boyfriend said he thinks it would be okay if I got one because he says I look beautiful either way, and it's easy for him to say, he's skinny, but I'm just afraid and scared :( Girls answer please!
Asked Jan 29, 2014
Well the navel is the hardest part of the body to pierce. But some people have thicker skin and some have thinner skin. So it depends on your type of skin if it will hurt or not. And no need to be self conscious, everyone is beautiful in their own way, and it doesn't matter about size. Some people just don't realize beauty, and if you have a boyfriend honey, I'm pretty sure you're worth it ^-^
Answered Mar 26, 2015

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