I think I got scammed but im not sure

I was talking to this person on facebook messenger for over a week she found me on a dating site and said if I wanted to talk with her to use facebook she sent me a link to her profile I was talking to her for over a week and than she told me that they got bad news that her mom was in the hospital and she didn't ask me to send her money. I sked her if she was going to go see her she said she was having financial problems and she couldn't. she said she couldn't even send her money. I said I wish I could help you out she said I wish you could lend me money I would pay you back I asked her how much she need and she asked me how much I had and I said it depends on how much you need and she asked if I could lend her 300 I said yes. she wanted me to send it using western union I told her I only have cash so she asked me to send it in cash. she gave me her moms information and I sent her mom the money. we still talked after that and like 4 days later she send me a message saying she was with her mom who lives in the Philippine's. she said she only had a 3 days visa and after 3 days she tells me she has a problem I ask her what it was and she said she doesn't have enough money to get home and I asked her how much she need and she said 1000 and I said I don't have that much and she said I could send her what I could so I did. she told me she loves me and loves me next to her mom and that she wants to live with me and settle down and have kids with me and she didn't know that we lived 25 minutes from each other. and she said when she gets back she wants to be with me and see me in person its been over a week since I sent her the money and she is still over there as far as I know and she says her internet keeps going on and off and not working so its hard for us to talk. im guessing she doesn't have enough money to get back since shes still over there. she said she was going to ask her friend for the rest of the money she needed to get back home. I just want to know if this sounds like shes scamming me idk. and her facebook pictures aren't of her. and I sent her a message today asking her about it and she didn't respond yet. please let me know if you think she is scamming me for my money. or if shes is real and wants to be with me thanks.
Asked Jan 29, 2014
To be honest, I think she may be scamming you. You shouldn't send money to strangers you haven't met. If you do get back in contact with her then I suggest you ask for the money back. Please dont give her your address, you dont know who 'she' is. Especially if her Facebook pictures aren't of her.
Answered Jan 29, 2014

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