How to get over feeling guilty after what I did to my best friend?

my best friend,lize, married to a handsom,kind,rich man,franck, and they had a daughter,sara
but my husband was abusive,and one day he kike me out of house and I didn't get any thing in divorce .liz ask me to move to their house until I found job
she so focus on her carrier that forgot her daughter and her husband.
because I was a housewife I couldn't find job she ask her husband to hire me as babysitter, after six month their daughter love me more than her mother and me and franck start an affair and later we make plane so he can divorce liz
i skip detail but liz lost custody of sara and lost every thing in divorce
right now we are married and sara love me very much but I feel guilty all the time
i don't know what to do
please help me?
Asked Jan 29, 2014
Edited Jan 29, 2014
after all you did to your best friend when she help you
i think you deserve to feel guilty
wow you are a be**h!
you shouldn't be with him. If he cheated on you friend with you whats stopping him from having an affair with someone else. And I thought I was a bad friend but your horrible. After that I don't think shell ever forgive you and she shouldn't.
U shouldn't hv done that! U can atleast ask her for forgiveness! Though I dnt think she'll forgive u for wat u did! Bcos aftr reading this people won't hv faith in friendship! Sry! O.o
Answered Jan 29, 2014
but I was desperate and its her fault too
she didn't see her family's need
her daughter needs her mom not a engineer
her husband needs his wife

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