What should I do if my bearded dragons aren't eating or pooing?

I have given them baths whilst rubbing their stomachs, spraying them with warm water and rubbing near their bottoms to se if that gets rid if the problem. I think it might be because we have slightly given then more morio worms that we should have.
Asked Jan 28, 2014
Take them to the vet immediately!
Answered Jan 28, 2014
put them in warm baths and keep rubbing their stomachs and bottoms like you were. try feeding them sweet potato paste. put a dab on each of their noses and they will lick it off. most bearded dragons love it. (we own a bearded dragon. he got constipated because he didn't eat enough vegetables or drink much water at all. after repeating these steps a few times he eventually pooped xD its gross, and a lot.)
Answered Mar 18, 2014
Ur bearded has probably been impacted, take to the vet immediately, or this could become fatal
Answered Jan 07, 2016

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