What kinds of foods should I eat to lose weight?

I am 33 years old 270 lbs and I just would like to know what kinds of foods can I eat to lose weight besides fruits and vegetables?
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Asked Jan 26, 2014
My friend have diet in this way: if you can't stop eating junk food.6 days of the week you should avoid and you should eat fruits and vegetables but in seventh day of the week or one day you can eat whatever you want because after 6 days avoiding your stomach become smaller and you can't eat a lot .
Answered Jan 26, 2014
I think this website will be very helpful for you, please visit this website for more info to answer your question. :) http://more.sh/BkgSGw
Answered May 15, 2014
Edited May 15, 2014
The link below offers some good suggestions


The next link below under the subheading 'How to control your diet' offer practical advice, encouragement and insight.


Our Creator causes "food to go forth from the earth" for mankind's enjoyment. (Psalms 104:14)
Answered Jun 30, 2014
Edited Jun 30, 2014
Being one of the most versatile and complete foods, egg is a perfect option both for professional sports person to enhance and strengthen muscles and common people to stay fit and slim. But if you want to lose weight, it is better to include egg white protein instead of raw eggs. Now I am taking the supplement, which is Egg Whites 24/7. I often used to drink liquid egg whites in the morning after doing exercise. And it’s really felt rocky with losing my weights. And yes, we can lose weight simply by eating right and exercise. But to maximize our growth potential, nutrition is required.
Answered Oct 21, 2015
I recommend the following food to help you lose weight:
1. Beans
2. Soup
3. Dark Chocolate
4. Pureed Vegetables
5. Eggs and Sausage
6. Nuts
7. Yogurt
What is more, I think doing exercise is also important to loose weight. Have a try!
Answered Oct 23, 2015
Now a day’s people suffer from many diseases due to irregular in eating because all are busy in their work. But for a good health, healthy food is necessary so we have to take some precautions. I know about steviamystore.com, which is a good site by providing health benefits and low calorie food. It will really help you a lot.
Answered Jan 14, 2016
you can eat salad, eggs,diet chips,fruits, vegetable soup, and light foods and try to ignore fast food.http://www.nutribulletrecipes.org/
Answered Feb 09, 2016
Maintain a balanced healthy diet for healthy weight loss. You should eat green Vegetables, fruits,Whole grains,Eggs,Yougurt,Fish- Salmon,vegetable soup,Salad, etc. Drink plenty of water.

Answered Apr 04, 2016
You can add green vegetables in salad, fruits and avoid junk food.
Answered Apr 26, 2016
You should stop consuming fried or oily food and start eating healthy food. Now, coming to your point you can eat Fruits and vegetables as they are naturally good and contain vitamins and mineral but, we should not forget that fruits and vegetables contains sugar too. So, having too much of it makes your body busy burning the sugars and never tap into stored fat. For more information: http://www.livenutrifit.com/
Answered May 27, 2016
Here are top foods you should consume to lose weight effectively:
1. Aloe vera
2. Lemon and honey
3. Cinnamon and Honey
4. Apple cider vinegar
5. Green tea
6. Cayenne pepper
7. Fennel
8. Curry leaves
9. Tomatoes
10. Cabbage
Source: Authority Remedies
Answered Sep 26, 2016

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