Am I going insane or just getting schizophrenia again

I have a history of being in and out of mental hospitals and I am only 13 . I have been depressed , suicidal , etc. But now I just keep being paranoid , if any of you know what creepypasta is I keep seeing slender man I keep telling myself he isn't real but ever since I saw marble hornets I can't convince myself . And I use to have schizophrenia but I keep seeing these illusions and hearing the demonic voices . They told me before to kill them but I don't know who , plus I keep forgetting what happened the past minute and I can't remember anything that happened all day by the time I go to bed . So please answer my question and no mean comments
Asked Jan 25, 2014
Edited Jan 25, 2014
Please understand that you are experiencing something about which modern science or medicine has no knowledge about. Actually you are not mad. You see and hear things that others cant, is due to some superior capacity in you, which others do not have. Instead of telling you that you are mad, the doctors should have the courage to inform you that they do not know what is the exact mechanism by which you get to experience all these things.

As to psychiatry and psychology, the fact is that they do not have any idea as to how the mind is working. The fact is that brain does have something that might be called a Brain software. If it does detect an image or hear an audio, then there definitely is some software working behind it. The sad part is that most of the Mental Science doctors do not know what a software is.

If you could have the daring, try to find answers to how your brain is being made to see or hear these things.

May be I would be quite happy to know more about this phenomena, which is really a link to the world of brain software which is actually a huge web of an immensity of softwares.
Answered Feb 08, 2014
Edited Feb 08, 2014
thank you , I completly agree
xkeylax Feb 09, 2014
Honestly, I'd tell the doctor about this
Maybe bad side effects on your meds perhaps ?
Answered Jan 28, 2014
Thank you, but I'm afraid of being sent back to the hospital so I rather not tell a doctor but still thank you
xkeylax Jan 29, 2014

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