Reasons why I hate school

1.waking up early*i'm not a morning person*

2.the drama and bullshit*bitches there are like freaking bugs that I cannot escape---i'll go ion the hallway(points in front of me)look a bitch!..*runs into the janitors closet*theres a bitch acting as if she's a damn spender*aah fuck now I'm caught in her web of drama*when I escape to the wonderfulness that is lunch*i love food but I'm thin..its bad I can't gain anymore weight*next thing u know I gotta do my business but..there is a gaggle of yapping bitches in the bathroom ugh!*

3.some of the teachers are assholes*ugh seriously I don't mean to be late dammit I have car troubles(it finally broke down..something with the belt)*

4.the dress code *no I anti aiming for the hoochie mama look but damn*

5.the food some is great others are shit-tastic

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Asked Jan 24, 2014
Edited Jan 24, 2014
We have two weeks holiday and after ending holiday I'm very bored even I become homesick! But interesting part! in the summer I miss school and my angry teachers I don't know why
Answered Jan 24, 2014
Edited Jan 24, 2014
The reasons I hate school are because writing loads of crap on topics I don't care about and Memorizing thing, need to treat school as the most important thing in my life, one I'm done with school I probably forgot 100% of what I learned and burned every books I have. All I be left with is a diploma stating that I survived 12 year in hell. Also I would get all the blames from my parents, teachers and friends, school makes me panic over small thing that no one care. Also alot of problems, even if you make it right. Wake up so early in the morning, alot of homework, too many hours in school give me the creep, school is my weakness, pointless lessons and subject, horrible lunch everything and tests/final exams/high school/collage.
Answered Sep 02, 2014

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