How to stop my guinea pig chewing his cage!?

Hi there :)
I have a male guinea pig that is about 5 months old. He started chewing the sides of his ply wood cage so I asked for advice at my local pet shop on how to make him stop as he is destroying a $200 cage! So they advised me to buy "chew stop" as it has a nasty taste even my partner and I cant stand when I spray it and we can taste it in the air! But recently he has started chewing more and more often!! I also invested in a few different chew toys for him to nibble on as I know their teeth continue to grow. I have four different chew toys placed on and around his cage, yet he STILL continues to ignore them and chew on his cage! I recently coated the edges thickly in the "chew stop" spray in a desperate need to make him stop, even so he has once again continued to chew! if not even more! There are huge wedges missing on the edges on his cage now! So PLEASE how do I make him stop this! it is getting very frustrating and costly!
Thank you
Asked Jan 24, 2014
either buy big chew toys or you can look on the internet for a spray that taste yuck to gunnie pigs or give them more food
achur21 Nov 18, 2015
Beat da fudge outta him.
Answered Jan 24, 2014
is the cage metal or what? I think he will eventually grow out of it. I have experience with guinea pigs, and ours always chewed on their plastic igloos we had for them. does your guinea pig have one of those? its better if he destroyed his hut than the cage..
Answered Mar 18, 2014
hi me and my parents used to own a geanie pig farm sorry for mastakes in spelling my computer s packing up we used to have the same problem when we had this we ended up having to put them in a hutch with a run or get it a lead a speaicel sort for pets like that and take it for a walk hope I helped
Answered Mar 19, 2014
Get some chews for your piggy to chew on and that will encourage them to not chew on bars
Answered Jan 07, 2016

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