What can I do to stay? Please help!

My family is moving to Arizona in about a month or less. We are moving from Utah. We are not able to keep up with our rent, so we are moving to live with our Grandparents. And I really don't want to go; I have so much going for me here where I live now including chances to scholarships, competetions for school, potential colledge credit, I'm in many activities going on at my school, I'm getting great grades, and I have finally made good friends after 3 years. Problem is I am 16 years old and am halfway through my jounior year, but I don't know what to do. As of now, my mother is a single mom with 3 kids, including me (me being the oldest). My dad lives in town, but he has not been paying child support as much as he should, and due to some other issues, it would not be the best idea to stay with him. My mom also wont allow me too. She has suggested I stay with a friend of hers who is willing to take me in until I graduate from high school, but is worried my dad can file for abandonment and take me, and my siblings away. We have thought about emancipation, (which in Utah the legal age is 16 years old) but are not sure if I can without the same issue. Can my dad do that if I have chosen to stay, and have an agreemnet with my mom and her friend to stay? If he can, what else can I do? Am I able to stay at all? If you know anything please let me know. I have many reasons to stay here where I live now, and I have a place to stay, and am plannning on getting a job( I was about to until I had learned of this situation). I would be returning to my mother as soon as I graduate, I would get to see my dad when he wants, and I would go back with my mother in the summer. I am more worried about graduating from my current high school and staying with my plans for my seinor year, and I will be crushed if I cannot put them through. I just figured everything out about how I will have this specific schools help in getting into college and getting my dream job. Please, can anyone help me? Is there anything I can do?
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Asked Jan 24, 2014
Edited Jan 24, 2014

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