How to ask a boy out in 5th grade

So I like this boy in my class and I think he likes me back we talk a lot and I think I should ask him out before its to late!!he don't know I like him I'm 11 and he is too.PLZZZ… help me
Asked Jan 23, 2014
Focus on your studies
Answered Jan 24, 2014
listen to anon99. You're too young to be dating someone.
Nailed it xD :D
lucy20 Feb 11, 2015
You Don't Ask Boys Out . Boys Ask You Out . Never Forget That !
Answered Feb 16, 2014
if your shy I understand but at least make an obvious flirt I am a fifth grade girl and I really want a bf
Answered Feb 08, 2015
lol u r a fifth grader and want a bf?
Oh man!
lucy20 Feb 11, 2015
ask him out! don't make the same mistake I did. if he likes you, he IS in 5th so he is probably as nervous as you. I know the guy is the one that must ask the girl out but again, your in 5th grade! he is probably waiting on you, so do it, but don't be nerveis because that will cause embarrassment! just say something like "hey, do you want to grab a drink after school?" its a start, but also a push. and don't "drink" just make sure he knows its just a soda. lol. if he is free you have a "date"!
Answered Feb 11, 2015
Edited Feb 11, 2015
You could write him a love note...
Answered May 25, 2015

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