What can I say to turn on a boy with a foot fetish?

My boyfriend has a foot fetish and I've known this since we've went out. I've sent him pics of my feet and we've talked about doing a lot of things, but what can I really say to turn him on? Like what's a good paragraph to write to him, like a sext. Something about feet! Thanks :)
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Asked Jan 23, 2014
Tell him how ticklish your feet are, and one or more of the following:
A: If you like getting tickled, tell him how much you love getting your feet tickled and how badly you want him to tickle you.
B: If you don't like the feeling, tell him how you can't stand being tickled, and he's going to have to hold you down as you scream, laugh, and squirm. (To make it feel better, don't try holding it in or struggling, just let your feet/legs relax and laugh as hard as you want to; it makes it change from bad to ok, or even good!)
C: If you have a tickling fetish yourself (from being tickled), tell him how much it turns you on when he tickles you.
Trust me, he will LOVE getting texts like that. (Also, when sending foot pics, send one of your fingers tickling your own foot; if you send a short video, wiggle your toes and laugh.)
Answered Feb 08, 2014

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