Trimplex Mud Pump Limitatio Motor or Pump

I am an electrical engineer working on oil drilling rig and our rig has some problem related with our triplex mud pump system for which I am not able to give technical justification.So I need your help for technical theories and justification.The detail of our mud pump system and problem given below:

Pump is triplex mud pump PT850.
Pump Driver is 1000HP variable speed DC Shunt Motor.


Situation -I: On higher depth say 2500m when running single pump develops 150kg/sqcm and 120 SPM. Here the motor also reaches to near almost its rated HP now we are not able to increase the spm. so we go for sitation -II.

Situation-II: Now on the same depth say 25000m when running 2 pumps in parallel of similar type of situation-I, The pressure remains 150kg/sqcm and each pumps SPM reduced to 60spm. Here motors are running to their half of rated capacity and not able to increase the spm further.

Now the question is why are we not able to increase the spm of pump or speed of our motor further? Whether problem is with motor or with pump. which is limiting us.

Shashi Prakash
[email protected]
Asked Jan 23, 2014
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