I think I'm losing my best friend we've been friends since preschool and I can't afford to lose him!

He is a boy
He is a athletic
And is very skinny
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Jan 21, 2014
If he's skinny, lose him, you'll find a swole best friend.
Answered Jan 21, 2014
Encourage him to put a little bit of weight on, If that's what's causing you to lose him. Tell him how you feel... Answer mine? (:
Answered Jan 21, 2014
ok boys now a days act like that I feel the same way I have a guy friend but he acts like he is embarresed to be around me talk to your friend in private not around his friends because he will act different tell him how you feel and if you are scared because he is really thin just tell him you are worried about him and let him know that you are not trying to hurt his feelings
Answered Jan 21, 2014
That will happen a lot he doesn't hate u he just doesn't want to lose his friends
Jimbo Jan 21, 2014
First make sure you are actually losing him. If you are then maybe prank him or text him jokes. If that doesn't work then try to make yourself sound so miserable and maybe he will sympathise.
Answered Jan 21, 2014

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