Do you think my best (guy) friend likes me?

My best friend is a guy. He says I'm one of his best friends, though he's said this only over email.

Over the last couple months he's been kind of confusing. In your opinion do you think he likes me? As just a friend, a really good friend, or maybe more?

(I've recently turned 18 and he's 19. We've both never dated. :P)

-He asked me if I'd like to go to a movie with him, however both our sisters were also invited and I had to pay for my sister and I. (thus definitely NOT! a date) Though at the theater I lost my 3D glasses, he insisted I take his and went and got himself some new ones.

(That's the only place I've "been" with him by his requests though last summer he asked me to go (my sister was also invited) to a race, but I want allowed to go.)

-He talked to me a little bit at a potluck we both were at but he wasn't overly friendly. Actually sat with his parents. :P Though afterwards he sent me a message saying that I left without saying goodbye so Bye!

- Visited me at work one night just to talk, he was there for about 20 minutes then left when my boss arrived. (After a sports practice.)

-He just let for college. :(

- The only way we talk is an occasional emailing (I don't have a phone). And when we see each other.

-He will talk to me about anything when it's just us.

I am not holding my breath here at all. It all seems childish of me. Just wanted someone else's opinion.

Thanks for reading this. :/ And thanks in advance for answering.
Asked Jan 21, 2014
no I don't think so but you can always try asking him.
Answered Jan 21, 2014
I'm not sure ... it doesn't seem like it. It's pretty easy to ask over email, right?
Just ask if he likes anyone.
Answered May 12, 2014

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