Am I being haunted*just myself*or mental disorders

right now I feel empty and"gray" but this morning I was annoyed and last night I was happy but earlier that day I was angry*usually when i'm angry I picture someone in pain and think of killing someone*. normally when I'm at school I feel like I'm an outcast and I feel like I have to keep up m guard I feel as if EVERYONE is talking shit about me*in my old school people bullied me from 3rd grade till now and my siblings*who are fraternal twins*bullied home I feel like I can somewhat relax but I can't escape the feeling as if i'm being watched.i also at times hear voices and see figures.a couple of weeks ago I heard soft piano music playing I got up to check if my dad was watching t.v and he was in his room asleep the only things in there are my cats.i went outside to see if any lights where on..nope no one was awake.

i also experience weird events when I try to sleep….like I feel as if someone is pinning me to my bed and I can't move.i feel like someone is either strangling me or watching me at times i'll see things when it happen.

when I was 13 I remember 2 things that happened to me that I cannot forget.the first one was I was laying on my bed I could hear these voices say something but I cannot remember what they were saying nor could I understand*i think it was latin*anyways I heard growling and someone say "you have been warned"*wtf!! been warned about what??*anyways I saw this gruesome face look at me then I began to shake uncontrollably *bouncing up and down*i could not breath that much nor could I speak.i spoke the 23 psalms then they immediately stopped..another one was when I was laying on my bed just chilling then something yelled "habirou"or something weird like that and the room was spinning*no I was not asleep and not on drugs*i am agains drugs I don't wanna die early*

so whats is wrong with me or what is this thing …like seriously I'm not kidding this all happened after I played a ouija board at 13...
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Asked Jan 20, 2014
So we know where this started! Ouija Board! Do not play with it ever again and get it out of your house. Call a priest or a psychic (make sure he is for real cuz there are many fake ones out there!) to help get rid of these things!

I can assure you there is nothing wrong with you because these things happen!
Answered Jan 21, 2014
Edited Jan 21, 2014
Been there, usually something does follow you when you play that. I have had ghosts in my house. You might have a gift of being able to hear them and feel them. When you are asleep or trying to wake up and you can't move or you feel that they're are holding you. Just pray The lord's prayer (Our father...) it always works. Sometimes we are too tired and I believe that our soul is not in our body yet I think it comes out when we sleep. To get ghosts out of your house you have to say in a demanding voice IN the name of JESUS CHRIST get out of my house it can take time and sometimes they get mad and knock on the wall but you can't stop. It can take days or months. Have a bible near you opened at all times.
Answered Oct 24, 2014
Come out as a gay female who is mentally ill and pregnant with quadruplets it helped my brother get rid of our demons.
Answered Nov 02, 2018

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