Would my cat get along with a dog/puppy?

My family and I would really like to have a pet dog. We have a 6 year old male cat (called Wolf), we have never had a dog and for a while we planned on adopting a cat friendly retired racing greyhound. The other day we brought a 3 year old male greyhound home to foster and although we were told he was cat friendly it turned out that he wasn't as he lunged at our cat through the glass door and showed too much interest in Wolf. We never introduced the two properly in the same room. Sadly after only 3 days we had to give the dog to another family. During the time that we did have the dog however we found out that Wolf does not appear to be dog friendly. He kept an eye on the dog all day and would sometimes go up to the window and have his fur up and would be turned on his side, a couple of times he clawed at the dog through the window, he seemed very defensive of his home. The first night we had the dog the cat also threw up and it appeared to have what I believe was a small amount of blood in it and I'm not sure if this was stress related from the dog or not, he also did not appear to go to the toilet during the dogs time with us. So now I am wondering if we can have a dog at all while we have our cat. We don't want to ruin our cats life yet we still want a dog so I was wondering if we adopted a puppy (not necessarily a greyhound) instead of an adult dog would it be less threatening for Wolf and would Wolf not be so dominant and stressed and perhaps tolerate or even get along with the dog?
Thank you. (P.s Until early last year Wolf had spent his whole life with our previous cat (called Toffee). Wolf would often try to play with Toffee who would not have any of it. After Toffee died I noticed a slight change in Wolf and I thought perhaps he would like a friend who wouldn't mind playing with him?)
Asked Jan 18, 2014
Getting a dog and cat to get along is a difficult thing and could go completely wrong. However I managed to do it with my dogs and kitten.

I have owned a German Shepard Cross and a Pointer for 8 years now who can show a lot of aggression and protectiveness when they want. About 3 months ago I took on my 3 week old kitten Milo who was found in a shoebox in front of a bin. The best way that I would suggest letting a dog and kitten get to know each other is this:

What to do:
Hold the cat in a grip where it is unable to free itself. (Don't grip to hard), Let one of your family members open the door and let the dog walk into the room. From there you want to wait for the dog to notice you have a cat. As the dog gets intrigued and hyperactive about the cat. It may start to bark. Just make sure you keep it out of reach from the dog, do this a few times a day.
Now this is probably the most important Part. You would need a family member or someone the dog knows to hold the dog back. Do not hold it by a lead, they only get hyperactive. You want the dog to be held in a grip where it cannot escape without holding it to tight to cause harmfulness.
Now you want to stoke, play and care for the cat in-front of the dog. Dogs have a thing where they can tell when there master is friends and having fun with something. They use this to tell if they should be aggressive towards something. By playing with the cat it will show the dog that you are friends with it. Don't forget to laugh. Dogs pick up the sound of laughing as a form of Happiness and excitement. It really de-boosts there aggressiveness towards other animals. Do this for a week and a bit before letting the dog walk freely with the cat. Keep a good eye on them when they are together.

What do do if the dog snaps:
If the dog goes in for a snap or bit at the cat. You literally want to jump and grip the dogs mouth with your hand. Making sure your palm is on the top of the nose and your fingers are under the chin. From there give the dog a couple of light taps on the nose and say "Bad dog!". Be very careful as to not tap the dog on the back, legs or anywhere other than the nose. If you do the dog will take this act as a threat and will most likely if aggressive enough turn around a bite you. Trust me you don't want that. I have 3 scars thanks to my friend dog not knowing me when I had a key to his apartment and I was picking up his laptop for him. Once you have given him a couple of taps and can see he has taken it to mind. Tell him to go to his bed. Continue to play with the cat in front of him.

After an hour or so call the dog over to try again. It is literally just that.

Good luck :) - Benjamin
Answered Jan 18, 2014
Edited Jan 18, 2014
You need to give your cat his own space since cats are more territorial. Slowly introduce the new puppy to your household and to your dog. Don't rush things. Let them communicate with each other with less human intervention. Loving owners will always exude loving energies to their pets. Their pets will imbibe these energies and apply it to other pets in the house.
Answered Mar 02, 2016

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