Please read ! I need legal advice !

I did a pornographic photoshoot with a photographer who saiid he wouldn't display the images and that they where for personal use only. He also pressured me into having sex with him for money but he never paid me and still hasnt. I didn't sigh a contract for the photos either and I'm worried that he will put them on the internet. I've been trying to ask for the money but he keeps asking me for more sexual stuff and I'm feeling really scared and violated. He says he will only give me the money in cash but wants me to do sexual stuff to him for it. He knows where I live and won't stop texting me. I'm worried about my safety. Is there anyway I can go to the police and have them take the photos of him ? I never received the money for sex... So technically I wasn't prostituting.

Please help me of you have any legal advise. I'm very concerned.
Asked Jan 16, 2014
Don't get the money, just leave it and tell the police.
Answered Jan 17, 2014

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