Please please please help me!

I broke up with my boyfriend because I was scared of what my parents would do if they found out about it, but I really like him still and realized that it doesn't matter if my parents find out... Some one give me advice pretty pretty please? He hasn't been talking to me and I'm really scared that he might hate me now!!
Asked Jan 16, 2014
ok, so first of all your young your gonna make mistakes. and if you think you like/love him than go for it , and about your parents, you should sit down with them and have a conversation with them about this boy. but I must say it is totally different is your parents said that they don't want you having a bf under any circumstances. but you should still tell them how you feel. and lastly if the boy has stopped talking to you and being childish, you need to move on because he has some growing up to do. I hope I answered your question
Answered Jan 17, 2014
I agree with you
Yeah! Also, talking to your mom! She might give you advice!
NoneYa Feb 12, 2014

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