Why does my 5 month old puppy start dragging me home halfway through our walks?

My 5 month old shepherd/hound/terrier mix has never been 100% comfortable on walks around the neighborhood. The most recent problem with our walks is him dragging me/pulling on the leash relentlessly when we are about halfway through our walk. It is either because something scares him or because he senses that we are going home, but I need to figure out how to train him to stop doing this. If anyone has any solutions please respond! Thank you:)
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Anonymous User
Asked Jan 15, 2014
What u need to do is tech him to heal wants he gots that down he'll stop
Answered Feb 14, 2014
It sounds like low self esteem. Is your puppies tail down or between the legs during walks??? Also it could be the other dogs in the neighborhood what is their disposition towards your puppy? Aggressive barking, or growling from other dogs?? Also if it is low self esteem your puppy doesn't trust your leadership and feel like you can protect him. where does your puppy walk next to you? Ahead- dominance, next to- submission, behind- submission. Based on the breed types walking at a faster pace may help, getting the mind off of other smells and sights around them and focusing them on the walk.
Answered Aug 15, 2014
He's 5 months old. He's prob tired. Dogs are just like babies. He'll prob stop soon. And if you think its cause he is sensing you're close, that's good cuz that means he's smart, haha. Just play it by ear. He's young. He'll grow out of it.
Answered Jan 15, 2014

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