Getting annoyed by so many things lately.

hey so first of all, english is not my native langauge I hope you guys can understand me.

So lately, im getting annoyed by so many things, for exemple (See a burned body, seeing so many holes/dots, if I see so many colors, if I see like "11111111211111" I get annoyed by the "2" just because its different and stuff like this" mostly I get really annoyed when I see so many holes/dots, I either close my eyes or just feel so uncomfortable

Picture exemple:

i hope you guys understand me, I know its weird but im really getting uncomfortable lately..
Asked Jan 15, 2014
It sounds like you may have minor OCD, or Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. I would look up symptoms to see if it fits what you are feeling
Answered Jan 15, 2014
NAH, tats cool and yes we are all weird that's what makes us unique Pha. English isn't me first language either but I think ive settle in well. Just focus on your studies if youre in school and BE YOURSELF. good luck :D!
Answered Jan 15, 2014
wth? why give me a negative vote?
anon99 Jan 24, 2014
because you gave terrible advice. this person seems to have anxiety and oct issues and you are telling them to do well in school. completely unrelated and almost insulting

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