English Homework Please help (present,Past or present perfect)

English Homework Please help ! :) Supply the most suitable tense (Present,Past or Present Perfect)

1.Lend me your rubber. I (make)a mistake and (want)to rub it out.
2.I (see)you yesterday. You (drink)ginger beer at a cafe,but you (not see)me.
3.I (go)to Portugal five years ago. Since then I (not speak)Portuguese,and (forget)nearly all I (learn)there
4.You (read)"Pickwick Papers"?I (begin)the book last week and just (finish)it.
5.I (go)to the Zoo tomorrow. You ever (be) there?
Yes, I (be)there last Sunday. I (go)nearly every weekend.
6.I hear you just (get)married. When the ceremony(take place)?
7.we (go) to the Valley of Rocks last Sunday.While we (eat)our lunch there a man (fall)from the rocks and (hurt) his head.We (take) him to the hospital in our car,and (be)to see him twice since then. He (get)better now.
8.Hello,who you (bring) with you?He (have)supper yet?No,he (not have). We usually (have)supper at eight,but Mary (not finish)yet. She still(eat)in the dining room. He (not meet)Mary,and she (not know)him,so take him in,introduce hime and give him something to eat.
9.What you (look for?)I (lose)my purse near hereand (want)to find it before it (get)dark.When you (lose)it? I think that I (drop) it when I (go)to school this morning.
10.I (look) at your photographs while you (be)out. You(like)them? They )be)not very good.
11.As he (run)to jump over the ditch,he (fall) and (twist)his ankle. We(have)to carry him alone. Henow (lie)on the sofa,and he (read)a book until a few minutes ago. The doctor just(leave)and(say)as he (go)out that he must rest for a week.
12.You(like)chess? Yes but I (notplay)for many years. I (live) with a good chess player for the last six months, but he (play)extremely well and I (not wish)to play with him.
13.We (wait)here for half an hour now,so I (not think)she will come.She always(arrive)late,or you(think)something(happen)to her? I (not know)but I think we (wait)long enough.
14.You(remember)my name,or you (forget)it?
15.Look! My socks already(wear)out at the heels,even though I (wear)two pairs at once these last few weeks.
Asked Jan 15, 2014
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1. Made a mistake and wanted to rub it out
Answered Jan 24, 2014

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