2 questions please answer

am I masochistic or sadistic
1.i do like my own physical pain*examples that actually happened*(whipped with something that has beading or something on it,kicked in the ribs,stomach,head.being stomped on.being cut with a tac on my back)
2.i for some reason like to call myself worthless
3.when my friend began to hurt me I really enjoyed it(i asked her to hurt me)
4.the worse I make myself out to be the better I feel

is she sadistic or psychopathic my friend
1.she enjoyed beating me as I told you in q1 of mine
2.she laughs at things that should not have been laughed at(ex:her dad said he hated duck dynasty and honey boo boo and said he would be fine if they would meet in 2 separate cars crashed and died in a fiery explosion she)she bursted out laughing
3.she can put on an act:ex:she on the outside is a kind and friendly and loving person inside she has just given up on people she is distrustful and cruel.she cares for nobody besides me(she is over protective)
4.she is polite and extreme honest..nor does she sugarcoat the truth
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Asked Jan 15, 2014
Edited Jan 15, 2014
your masochistic

she's sadistic
Answered Jan 16, 2014

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