Son supporting single mom at dating

Hello everyone !

Well, I'm a son, 18 years old, and I live alone with my mom, who's single since ever, and she's 38.

Now, something really drives me crazy and I would really like to hear opinions of a wider group of people on this.

So, my mom had no boyfriends or anything for a long time. Then she once had an affair with a guy, 6 years younger than her. We always told each other pretty much everything, and she told me about this, too. She was scared at how I would react, but I told her it was okay for me.

That guy wanted to get involved with her, but she didn't wanted to let him into her life. I respected that, too, but I've told her that I would have no problem with meeting him.

He calmed down with the fact that they won't get too serious, but they continued with occasional dating for some time, then it kinda stopped.

After some time being alone again, another guy warmed up for her. We talked about it, and she said she won't bother him because she doesn't want a relationship.

Then I remembered how she was when she was dating the first guy. Mom was way more happy than before, and she was you know, playful and fun almost like girls my age. You could see happines on her face.

So, I asked her, why doesn't she just dates him, and has some fun. That would mean ofcourse, that they would be kinda friends with benefits.

After some encouraging, she said she never saw more supportive son, and decided to give it a try. She's now dating this guy few times a week, for 6 months already, and she's glowing in happines even more than before.

She's way more relaxed now, and especially, most moms have to hide their boyfriends from their sons. She doesn't have to. She though doesn't bring this guy home much, they ussually meet in their cars. But when she's leaving, she asks me ''if she looks okay'' like when she goes to work, and then I wish her to have a good fun and she leaves. And we both know that I know exactly what's going on in the next hour.

She told this guy that I know about their meetings, too. And surprisingly, he wanted to meet me after he got to knew that i'm okay with it. It turned out he's a great and fun guy, and despite that he is a ''friend with benefits'' of my mom, we became great friends !

Now, I don't want to be too long, what's my question ?

My mom, I admit, is still a very good looking woman, and I always listened my friends fantasize about her.

Well, a month ago, my best friend again teased, that she must be seeing someone, she's too beautiful to be single always, and I told him about all that.

His response is what irritates me. He was disgusted, that I know my mom is having fun with a guy, and that i'm even supporting it.

I'm really not getting this. She's a caring and single mother, why shouldn't she had some fun while she still can ? She's just like all other women. I'll say that I understand, that if she's normal, she has to have her needs too.

I just wonder what opinion do you have about this ? Will you say that i'm a weird, ''incestuous'' freak, too, or am I right ?

And again, i'm not into incest ! And, I agree that sons shouldn't be interested alot in their mom's sex lives, but in my case, she was just hesitating, and I encouraged her in doing something, that I knew it will make her happier. I really don't know why that is ussually such a taboo !

Thank you so much for your answers!
Asked Jan 15, 2014
You support your mom and she is happy! That's what really matters. You just gotta take care that the guy is right for her.
Different people have different opinions. Your views on the subject don't match with those of your friend. No worries. I would say you are doing the right thing so don't care what others say!
Answered Jan 15, 2014

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