Why does my child b.b likes smelling peoples butts

Why does my child like to sniff people's butt?
Asked Jan 14, 2014
Maybe he's a dog... idk thats weird
Answered Jan 14, 2014
Maybe it's a sexual thing, children often express that kind of thing in unexpected ways.
Answered May 14, 2014
Butthole sniffing is a gateway drug leading to crystal meth, muzzle that kid before it's too late
Answered Aug 03, 2014
Children explore threw smell touch and taste from babies.. As you already know.. All kids lick, grab our smell weard things, things they shouldn't, be do.. If your child hasn't reached aged 4.. Don't worry.. If he/she is over the 4 mark either worry or don't tell them not to do it, the more you tell an exploring child not to there going to do it, and keep doing it. Because they're not aloud.. If they keep doing it don't laugh or give out just turn and face a different direction and don't give them the chance to sniff it, they'll eventually get feed up at stop. My brother used try stick his figure up peoples bums, he stoped eventually.. Kids do random stuff
Answered Dec 08, 2014

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