Can cats communicate with ghosts

Can cats communicate with "the other side?" I only ask this because my mom left me with an adult male all black cat named mickey. He morns all all day and night and calls out for something tht isn't there, well to my eyes at least and when I sleep I here and witness knocking everywhere he is. In my theory his previous owner passed and he was forced into adoption and he is still morning and missing her. I think he is in communication with her/him. He always leaves dead mouse in front of the door its different. Sorry if this was weird but this is really happening and I need to know if its a bad thing and if I need a cleansing. I am not one to usually believe in this type of stuff but its actually happening to me and I am curious as to if I should video tape it, its some undeniable stuff and it is kinda freaking me out.
Asked Jan 10, 2014
Edited Jan 10, 2014

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