I am being left out constantly! HELP!

I have a group of 10 male friends (I am male) and we just started high school. We are all in the same class, and we talk at lunchtimes. But when the year started to end for school, my friends started to turn their back on me when I never did anything to them. One of my best friend, who is in my group, started to think he was better than me, and all my other friends. He always competes with marks and that. I am one of the top 7 in my class of 30, and I get reasonably good grades, not perfect though. I don't boast all the time and I keep it fair with my friends. I wanted to help my best friend in the concert, but he just said ''I don't need you, sit somewhere else!'' and kept saying this to me. I help him when he was in need, and when I asked him if I could stay with him to help the concert, he chose another person from our group.

One of my friends keep cheating on test constantly and boasts how he got a lot of high marks. He got 7/9 A's on his final report card, and I got the same. I never cheat on test and I admit if I get a score I didn't want, but he just went around and told everybody how smart he is and how easy the tests were. In all the Science tests and Mathematics test, he copied off my other friend all the time, while I did my test myself. My friend asked for some answers but I refused. Now he is praised by everyone in the class on how smart he is, when he actually cheated. What should I do?

Thank you for all your answers.
Asked Jan 08, 2014

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