Name of the song by music video

I forgot name of the song, It's some rock or alternative song from young band. I just know what is in music video - it's not parody, it's just in funny way. Some people talking about bad things that happened to them - for example one girls says "my goat died last month" some guy has problem "my twin was eaten by wolf" etc. And then there's scene with some cherry cake or something. And everyone says "This is my thing."
Thank you all
Asked Jan 04, 2014
Edited Jan 04, 2014
Emmm You should try to search from any Rock Music album there you can find your song !!
Answered Nov 07, 2016
Mythill Grim - Leave Me Alone
Art by:

Mythill Grim - Leave Me Alone
Mythill Grim - Leave Me Alone (Music Video Song)
Answered Jan 17, 2017
Official music video for So Many Divisions (Ya Rahman Ya Rahim) FULL HD - from Mohammed Khider's new album "Unity".
Answered Aug 08, 2017
So Taylor Swift says "let the games begin" in her new single, but that's kinda AJR's I decided to bring a little AJR to this song! If you enjoy it, PLEASE share it with your friends!!!! And if you are Taylor Swift or AJR or know them, please tell them all I want is to be their best friends.
Answered Oct 30, 2017
Here I have the best music video for music video and funny video lovers.
BiggRich New Hot Single Dat Fat Fly Dude.
Answered Feb 05, 2018
Back on Track [Official Video]
Second Song of SHIVA's Debut EP, Redemption "Back on Track" Available Everywhere Now!
Google Play:
Answered Feb 09, 2018
If you are music lover and looking for best video song.So here I have something for you.Here is my favorite music video that I ever heard.
The Official Music Video of Vices by FYKE
Answered Feb 13, 2018
If you are looking for music video for "Walk It Out".so here you will get your favorite song video.
official music video for "Walk It Out".
Answered Feb 19, 2018

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