Picture of my boyfriend joking

Hi. Can somebody help me on this? I dont know what to think. I feel very dissapointed with my boyfriend I found a picture of him on facebook. He was pretending he was biting a girl's boob. If you see the picture you can see its only a joke I mean theres no sexual thing and the girl is wearing clothes and stuff. Im not worried I know he didnt do anything but the thing is that is very disrespectful for me and I am so depressed and dissappointed I feel like it wont be the same again. Would u think it is just a joke and move on? Am I thinking too much on a joke? Thanks
Asked Jan 04, 2014
Yeah, I would be worried too. I mean, did he do that when y'all were dating? Maybe you can confront him about it- nicely.
Answered Jan 04, 2014
Yes I talked to him we had a fight he said it was just a joke for a picture. We had a big argument but I am feeling so depressed now because he disappointed me and theres nothing I can do about it. How can I feel better? I just wanna be ok and I cant stop thinking about it and cry
It really wasnt right what he did. I think that you did the right thing by confronting him about it, but maybe you both kinda just need to say, "Okay. We'll make sure we dont do this... blah blah blah." and make things right. For you feeling better: personally, I go on the internet, watch movies, and eat a bunch of junk food to make myself feel better. Lots of love and good luck!
Thank you! Yes he is feeling sad about it and he said it was disrespectul and he wont do it again. Thank u for your help
GREAT!!! And happy to. :)
break up with him. focus on ur studies
Answered Jan 17, 2014

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