Am I considered Rich?

So people are starting to make fun of me because they say I am a rich girl and know it all . WARNING: I don't mean to brag I just really want to know if I am.

My stuff:

1. 2 working computers that are both mine
2. I pod 5th generation
3. A flat screen 50''
4. A bunch of toys/Stuffed animals
5.Bunk beds
6. A pull up bar
7. A work out room
8.A bathroom
9.Walk in closet
10. An I pad
11.One Direction concert tickets

My family's stuff

1. A cabin
2. 2 Brand new cars
3. A bedroom
4. A 60'' TV
5.Both have 2 or more computers

1. We live on the north side of town

2. We live in a gated communitie
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Jan 04, 2014
Yes you are considered rich. But hey let be honest everyone is made fun of for something in school. Your made fun of for being rich which is not that bad. Others are mad in fun of for being geeky,fat,poor,aggressive,crazy the list goes on. Youve got the best of it there is no shame being rich unless your not one of those snobbish rich people which you don't seem like. Just remember your fortunate in alot of ways dont feel bad for it. I hope I have helped.
Answered Jan 04, 2014
I guess you would be considered rich, but just what you have doesnt make you "rich", but... IDK...
Answered Jan 06, 2014
Lol I've met really poor people that have a mercedes benz. It doesn't matter what you have it's the money you make every year. A lot of people are poor cause they put cars,technology,and fun before paying their house bills or buying food.
Answered Mar 26, 2014
Yes, the most expencive thing I own is a tablet that breaks down a lot. We have two cars that break down a lot as well. Decent house. Where we live no one has a cement driveway. The TV in my room is discolored on the left size yet still I am better off than a lot of people. You are rich from my perspective but that's not bad if you aren't a spoiled brat and are rude to the less fortunate.
Answered Jun 26, 2014

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