How can I help my sister be happy i've done all I could.

My sister is like my best friend in the whole world. We've been through everything together and we never fight, but we've been fighting more ever since I got a boyfriend. My sister is into girls so I feel like it might be harder for her to find someone since all of our friends have a boyfriend of girlfriend so she's really upset. People are always trying to make her feel bad about herself and it's just impossible to make her happy. I tell her I'll never ditch her when we are older, I try to make her laugh, I tell her what she can do but she never does it. I live with my dad and she lives with our mom and our mom never listens to her.We also have a lot of siblings so our younger brother lives with her to and is always being mean to her and our mom always treats her badly. she has to do what her mom wants her to do, she has to love who her mom wants her to love, she pretty much can't live her own life. She even sent us to a school where we find out what are dream job will be and when she told her she wanted her to find a different job. This is just stupid what should I do right now her biggest problem is our family and dating.
Asked Jan 03, 2014
I'm so sorry to hear that. Maybe you need to do something with her to get her mind off things. You can go to the movies, get ice cream, or spend the night at your mom's. Maybe you could ask your dad if she can stay with y'all- at least for a little while. Explain to him that she is upset and really needs some people to love her.
I wish you, her, and both of y'all's families good luck.
<3 <3 <3
Answered Jan 03, 2014
One Thing I think that may help is helping her hook up with someone. And the Family part, That I dont know but If she's strong and brave enough she can stand up for herself or , Like me, I ignore my family. I listen to music with my earphones all day every day 24 7. I avoid family stuff and I dont smile much near them and I always stay in my room. In the morning to do all my chores and stuff and then go lock myself in my room unless im hungry then ill go out and find something to eat. So after that my parents gave up and got nicer to me. well sometimes they are nice and sometimes they arent but oh well at least they arent always mean to me.
Tell her " Life isnt always easy. Theres Challenges. And if you cant handle those challenges anymore then game over. You could end the game or restart it. Also, be who are you. Be yourself. Just because you were born different doesnt mean you have to blend in with others. You like girls? I dont care. Thats who you are. Youre not alone. Many choose to end the game and few chose to restart. Restarting may cost a bit and it might end bitterly. But hey sooner or later the game will end itself."

I hope I help. :)
P.S. Worrying about it all the time doenst help.
Answered Jan 03, 2014

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