Am I a bad daughter for saying this?

OKay my mom wants to take in her husbands two nephews because the mom and dad are on drugs and are in danger of losing their house. I asked her why would we take the kids in if we cant even take care of ourselves? It's only me and my mom now in a 3 bedroom house but we had to file bankruptcy 2 years ago and we are still struggling to pay off the house and the bills. We almost lost the house on many occasions and we are trying to keep it now. I'm getting married in 2 months and due to our current financial situation we can't even afford a nice wedding. Im getting married through the court but honestly I don't mind it. Also, we don't know anything about the kids themselves. We don't know anything about their behaviours, grades, nothing. And I'm a big peoples auruas changing an atmosphere. My fiance and I live with my mom and pay rent but even that's not enough to cover the bills and she wants to take care of 2 more people? I told her to think long and hard about it because it's a big responsibility. I'm her last child and all her kids are grown. We have done this before and it backfired in our faces so I don't it to end badly for us for again. I kinda feel bad as to how I went about it. My mom does have a good heart and I'm wondering if I was in the wrong? Dont get e wrong, if we were financially stable and had the proper resources I'd take those kids in a heartbeat but we don't and it won't be fair to take in those kids for them to be homeless again.
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Asked Jan 02, 2014
It makes u a good daughter worried bout ur family.Tell ur mom how u feel, I agree it wouldn't be wise 2 lets thoses guys become homeless but if guys can barely support urselfs try getting them 2 stay with a relative or friend dat can. I'm sure u gals will work something out good luck :)
Answered Jan 02, 2014

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