I don't know which girl to choose?

There are three girls I really like and I want to be in a relationship with one of them someday. I just can't choose which one I feel is the best for me. I also don't want to have to hurt anyone but it could be inevitable. I really need guidance so if you can please help?

Laura i'v known for two years and i'v really gotten to know her. She can be very defensive - of me one time when someone said I didn't look very tough she got mad. And she has actually told one of her friends by mistake that I was her boyfriends. She's nice, she is kinda pretty and she likes me a lot. Just she's been confining in me over a while and she said that she used to cut herself and get in fights with her parents a lot but having me as a friend really helped her stop. She tries to talk to me everyday and gets upset if we don't chat for a while. I once told her I like her a lot which I regret, not because I was lying, but I just don't want to hurt her because I want to be sure of who I want to be with first before I say anything.

I'm currently in a relationship with Taylor. She might be going to a university really close by where I live because of a educational subject she loves. She's really smart and can be sweet and romantic sometimes but she isn't very flirty. She's beautiful and I think she likes me a lot. Sometimes our chat together can go blank- but I really like her and she has a cute laugh. She tries to be sweet if I seem down and just tells me if anything is wrong although our discussions normally aren't serious. She seems to get really happy if I say something nice about her. I don't get to spend a lot of time with her though because of studying, school and just now she lives quite a lot of miles away. She has told me she loves me before but only once. We have quite different tastes in films and things like that though but we have known each other for a long time.

The last one- Lisa (she's Dutch but I don't know any names I could use for aliases that are Dutch sorry) she lives closeby and speaks somewhat good English. She blushes around boys a lot and always smiles when I'm around. she says she is only truly happy when I'm around and i'v heard she likes me the most out of all the males she knows. She has a few exes but she always tries to be nice to me and gets worried if I seem down. Our conversation can go blank as well but she doesn't seem to mind. She calls me cute a lot and i'm not sure how to react. She trusts me a lot and has said she loves me but I don't know in which way.

Sorry if it's messy but I was in a rush to write it all down. I really need some advice and help so if you can I'd like hear your opinion.
Asked Jan 01, 2014
that seems kinda hard to choose over just by the info. that you gave... But, one thing you should remember, love is like a game.If you choose one hole in pinball, you can miss by a long shot. Choose another, and just see. If you have to, go for the one you have most feelings for. If you can't figure that out... look over what you wrote about them. find the one you wrote the most discriptable (sp) one of the three girls.
And remember, love is like a pin ball machine. Shoot for one, and you can miss out on the others.
(im not trying to make you worry) LOVE CAN ALLWAYS BACK FIRE.
i know what it feels like... its not good feeling being used, cheated, or get a broken heart more than once.
so choose wisely.
hope that helps... :p

~shinc the hedgehog~
Answered Jan 02, 2014
Thanks - I understand what you mean. If I go for one and it doesn't work out I won't try go for one of the other girls anyway. It seems unfair to be choosing them like their second- I'd need better reasons. Anyway thanks for answering- its appreciated and I'll try be careful in my choosing (:
Solmyr Jan 03, 2014
oh.. that's kinda a lot girls. As I see all girls seem to love/like you a lot, so.. You should ask yourself; Which of those girls, has something, that makes you happiest when you are with? I dont really understand why you want to choose one of these 3 girls, because you already have one, Taylor. Are you unhappy with your relationship with Taylor? Even if she's studying and doesn't have that much time, if you truly love her and if you know she loves you too, you shouldn't look for other girls. You should take a little time, and think about every of those girls. But of course, whatever you decide to do, stay friends with all; laura, taylor and lisa :) Well I hope I helped but its kinda confusing question and I just tried to do my best now its time for decisions!

Goood luck!
Answered Jan 02, 2014
Thanks- yeah I understand how it's tricky to answer. I appreciate your answer :3 I'll take my time thinking it over and think about the questions you asked me- I should be thinking about them as well.
Solmyr Jan 03, 2014
OOOO tricky! Are you unhappy with Taylor? idk I would stick with taylor if you like her.
<3 <3 <3
Answered Jan 02, 2014
Thanks for your answers. And I like her but she lives pretty far away now and our conversations sometimes don't last long.
Solmyr Jan 03, 2014
Ohhhhh. Does she still realy like you?
I think a lot.
Solmyr Jan 24, 2014
Laura is the kind of girl who will always be there and is clingy. She will go to you when she needs help and support and will always love you.

Taylor seems the opposite of laura. You go to her when your upset and she helps you. She may be far away but you know you she likes you.

Lisa seems flirty and she as well is a shoulder for you to cry on.

Sorry I couldnt extend it buddy. Just think of which one of these you would like best. Do you want someone who will never leave your side and love you. Who will go to you when she has problems.

Do you want someone to go to when YOU have problems. A person you may not see very much but when you do is worth it.

Do you want someone who is flirty and will help you with your problems and needs.

Choose what kind of boyfriend you would like to be.
Answered Jan 09, 2014
THIS. ^^^^^ You just summed it up, buddy
wait is that bad? Did I just repeat the question?
No thanks it really helped! I never thought of seeing it from that perspective. I'v already become focused spending time with only one and seeing how my feelings are then. I thought little things like how naturally I could chat to them could be important. I think it'd be unfair to Taylor to continue our relationship when I'm having these thoughts in the first place. It'd me bad of me to but I'm not sure/ anyway thanks (: if you wanted me to answer those questions just say XD I was asking myself them. Anyway thanks again! :3
Solmyr Jan 17, 2014
go out with all of them
Answered Jan 17, 2014
"if you love two people at the same time (in this case three) choose the second.(or newest) because if you truly loved the first, you would have never fallen for the second(or others)."
-Johnny Depp Quote, Edited.

I know it doesn't totally fit the situation, but just think about it for awhile. Sometimes quotes will be unclear but if you look at them long enough, your heart starts to decipher what it means in its own personal way, and that's what you should go with. With what your heart believes. Just remember, logic is a good friend of the heart as well.

Answered Jan 17, 2014
Thanks for the answer- I understand what you mean. I'll try figure everything out >~< but it's hard. Thanks - it helped a lot
Solmyr Jan 24, 2014
If you have a Girlfriend already, you should be fine. You were saying how everything is good between you and Taylor, don't be a jerk and stay with Taylor.
Answered Feb 02, 2014

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